«Christian Audigier Brand by CHRISTIAN AUDIGIER GROUP LTD » 
5 Years after the death of the famous and legendary French Designer,in other words, The King of Fashion, Christian Audigier , the Prestigious Brand created by the designer himself is relaunched throughout the world, represented by the LTD GROUP, managed by Mr. Vivian Marie and Mr. Damien Vonlanthen, offering and operating different products and concepts, ranging from Haute Couture to Streetwear by offering a wide range of derivative products but also a wide choice of scrupulously selected High-end Drinks, 100 % French, bottled in France, of an unprecedented design but above all of very high quality, in the image and in homage of The King of Fashion.

More About Vivian Marie

Vivian Marie (Franco-Mauricien, B. 1975), grew up in Paris where he accomplished with rigor and perseverance throughout his life apprenticeship, in different fields, great things with rigor, diligence and perseverance but above all the ambition to one day be able to achieve professional accomplishment in entrepreneurship for a cause and a passion that has driven him for many years, that of being able to take up the torch of his idol and lifelong mentor, Mr. Christian Audigier  for whom he carries a particular interest, which allowed him to achieve his ambitions by founding the company CHRISTIAN AUDIGIER GROUP LTD with the objective of relaunching this Prestigious Brand Internationally through new horizons with his partner, associate and friend, Mr. Damien Vonlanthen, closely supported by a number of people close to Mr. Christian Audigier  who also in turn nicknamed him «Never Give Up ». Today Owner of the brands, Executive-Chairman -General Director and Designer, Vivian Marie can only aspire to keep one thing in mind : «Never Give U p »

More About Damien Vonlanthen

Damien Vonlanthen (Franco-Swiss, B. 1981), grew up andevolved in Switzerland in Geneva where he very quickly developed a particular attraction for luxury sector in which he evolved for a number of years. Ambitious and reckless by nature, listening to his sensations, Mr. Vonlanthen undertook with perseverance and ambition in 2023, the relaunch of the Christian Audigier Brand as well as the Global General Director, which to date has allowed him to reinforce the ethics that have driven him from a very young age, that is to say, believing in his instinct, going to the end of things without ever doubting while keeping only one thing in mind «INSISTING IS EXISTING».Today a Designer, Entrepreneur, General Director and Partner of Vivian Marie , Mr. Vonlanthen will continue to develop and use his knowledge and skills alongside his long-time Partner and Friend, in order to make this Brand shine Internationally of Legendary Prestige, for which they undeniably surround themselves with the most prestigious people and structures in the image and in homage to Mr. Christian Audigier .


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